CAI Newsletter – November 2023 – C

CAI Newsletter – November 2023 – C

CAI Newsletter – November 2023 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Lunguza Elementary School Gets A New Life

Lunguza Elementary School in the village of Lunguza, District of Lushoto, Tanga, Tanzania, is in dismal state. Built before independence in 1954, it is a miracle some of the classrooms are still standing. It has 1,805 elementary students taught by 17 teachers and will balloon to about 2,000 from 2024. Each classroom has an average of 131 children and 71 use one squat-toilet. All the classroom tin roofs leak, the students sit on the floor, making meaningful teaching during monsoons useless. CAI donors, if the stringent compliance requirements and reporting is assured, will restore one building dangerously damaged, replace roofs, provide desks, and build about 14 quality toilets to alleviate the situation. The children, from poor farming families, deserve better.
Sharing a few photos.

CAI Commissions Two Water Well Projects For NASIMCO

Two communities in Tanga region struggling for potable water had their woes solved by NASIMCO donors through their Ali Asghar Water Appeal initiative. Approximately 6,400 people will benefit from this enterprise. 
Sharing a few photos.

Meat Protein For Yemen

Millions of children in Yemen lack animal protein in their diet. The abject poverty, especially in remote areas and the constant threat of violence in the country make it almost impossible for single parents to feed their children food, let alone much required protein. CAI distributes limited lamb from one animal to destitute families on a daily basis. We want to expand this program to three animals per day to accommodate the need. Please help if possible. Allah bless.

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