CAI Newsletter – November 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2017 – A

CAI Newsletter – November 2017 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Rohingya Refugees Orphans – An Update:

The influx of refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh continue unabated but there is now some order since the Bangladesh Army has taken over the administration of the misery. The land for CAI sponsored school for 100 orphans has been acquired and construction of a makeshift school will commence shortly insha’Allah. It should be ready for opening on December 10, 2017, and a CAI Trustee will be present to commission the project. In addition, the shallow water-wells program has been shelved in favor of more permanent deep wells that will benefit thousands throughout the year, since the shallow wells will go bare in the approaching dry months. CAI will dig 4 or 5 such wells, depending on funds collected, each costing approximately US$2,500, complete with a floating pump.

Economic Empowerment For Afghani Widows:

Fifty destitute widows are getting training in weaving carpets. Once trained, they will earn about US$3 – $5 per day, enough to get them not to beg for food.  These widows and their children subsist on daily dry naan and some cheese. CAI was also able to help them with some protein; adding meat and beans once a week until the training completes insha’Allah. Sharing few photos:


Poor Philippines Community Get CAI Aid To Rebuild Center:

CAI donors have helped rebuild a community center in Marawi, Mindanao destroyed due to military conflict in the area. Sharing few photos:



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