CAI Newsletter – September 2016 – B

CAI Newsletter – September 2016 – B

CAI Newsletter – September 2016 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Eid Qurbani Distribution – An Update:

Over 77 animals for Eid Qurbani were sacrificed and the meat and skin distributed to the poor and destitute in remote Afghanistan, India, Nepal, and Tanzania. The majority of the project was completed on Monday, September 11 and balance on day two of Eid. 

Trapped In Nepal – Plight Of Afghan Refugees:

There are about 14 Afghan families in Katmandu, Nepal, that are trapped and in dire condition straits. CAI donors were able to help with the children’s education and housing, but they desperately need long-term humanitarian assistance. Read about their plight here.

Please assist these hapless people if possible – Allah bless.

The Use Of Donor Sadqa Funds:

These videos are one example of how CAI use donor Sadqa funds. A young man lost both hands in an accident and CAI was able to assist in the major surgery and new prosthetic arms. Please see before and after videos.

Before Video:

After Video:

Dykundy Afghanistan Housing For Homeless:

The 73 home project for housing the homeless all across Dykundy Province in Afghanistan continues. Families with no homes or shanties will get an all-brick, warm 2-room home with an attached bath and a toilet just outside (as per rural Afghan custom). Sharing some photos of construction in progress.



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