February 2014

February 2014

February 2014 Comfort Aid International

Monrovia School Project
The CAI donated Monrovia school projects was inaugurated on January 12. It was a fantastic trip ending with the initiation of another school project at Bo Waterside, some 60 miles from Monrovia in an impoverished village. You can read the Trip Report and see photos here.
Sirsi Phase One Houses Gifted
The Phase One 50 homes for poor widows at Sirsi, UP India was inaugurated on Jan 20 and first few homes were handed over. Another proud CAI / donors accomplishment. Sharing few photos:


New Wing Of Phanderi School Inaugurated
The new wing at Phanderi Sadaat girls school in UP was officially inaugurated and handed over to school management. The wing consists of biology, chemistry, physics and computer labs and a fully stocked library. Six new bathrooms were also handed over. Alhamd’Allah, no child can now claim she has no opportunity at a quality education. Sharing few photos:


Poor Children In Zanzibar Get Desks
The first 200 out of 410 desks, each sitting three students each were handed over to various schools in poor districts of Zanzibar. The children can now comfortably sit on desks instead of the dirty floor. This is a great investment and I urge you to please participate in donating for desks at about US$100 per desk. These desks are made sturdy of hard wood and will insha’Allah last 10 plus years at a minimum. Sharing few photos:


2013 Tax Receipts
Hopefully all donors have received their 2013 tax deductible receipts by now insha’Allah. If not, please contact Hasnain Yusufali onyusufali@email.com.

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