February 28th, 2014

February 28th, 2014

February 28th, 2014 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Fundraiser For Girls School / Orphanage
Few very dedicated CAI well-wishers are holding a fundraiser for a new girls school / orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan. It will insha’Allah be held at Imam Ali Center in New Jersey on April 26. The current 30 girls orphanage will expand to 60 and the school will educate 300 girls. Money made from the school will supplement the operational running of the orphanage. This will be a great event insha’Allah, with raffle winnings for 2 Ziyaarat air-tickets, a Macbook Air and a latest iPad to be given away. I urge you to please come if you can and support us.
Sheykh Jehad from Australia will be the keynote speaker. Please clickhere for more information.
Please also support this cause by purchasing this book; all proceeds go towards this school / orphanage project.
Update On Orphan Muskaan
Remember our girl orphan Muskaan from CAI operated Sakina Girls Home in Sirsi, India, who has lost both her parents and nearly all her eyesight? Well, she has just undergone her second surgery and the prognosis is more than 50 / 50 she will be able to see again. CAI has employed the most advanced treatment for her recovery and this will insha’Allah pay off if you include her in your prayers.

Here she is.

Heating Freezing Caves In Afghanistan

CAI donors helped bring warmth this winter to some very poor families, literally living in caves in Bamiyaan Province of Afghanistan. These caves freeze over in the winter, bringing terrible pain (and death even) to the most vulnerable. These donated coals will insha’Allah heat the caves for a couple of months. Sharing few photos of CAI team in action.



Watering A Village

A village of 2,300 people in a remote village of Yawkawlang in Afghanistan goes without water for 2 – 3 days at a time. Their water source, very good drinking water, is way up in the mountains, difficult to navigate in summer but impossible to reach in winter. Donkeys bring the water to and from this source but it is difficult and painful for the women especially, to be without water for days. So the available water is reused multiple times and this inevitably invites disease.

Our engineers have a solution that will guarantee clean water for the next 25 plus years insha’Allah, even with the population growth pattern. This will cost some US$68,000 ($20k collected). Cost per person for 25 years is US$30, a very worthwhile project indeed. SO we need your help please. Kindly donate to the water project option at CAI website so we can complete the project get these people water from this year insha’Allah.

Sharing some insight to the current situation:


Click here to view more related pictures here 


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