January 16th, 2010

January 16th, 2010

January 16th, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
New Look Website:

Thanks to Rumina Hassan of Orlando FL, CAI has a redesigned website.  Please visit www.comfortaid.org and browse through enhanced features, more photos and easier mapping on the new look site.

Urgent Appeal – Water and Medicines – Haiti:
CAI is spearheading relief to the earthquake  disaster victims in Haiti, insha’Allah.  There is a lot of food going into Haiti from donor countries (with poor logistics of distribution) but not enough water and medical supplies.  SHINE, a California based humanitarian group has people on the ground in the Dominican Republic and will move into Haiti shortly, after arranging for proper logistics.  They will distribute our share of contributions without any administration costs, music to our ears.
They will, IF LOGISTICALLY POSSIBLE, include a note in French with the following message in every package distributed:
This help is provided to you in the name of our Master, Hussein ibne Ali (A) who was mercilessly martyred thirsty, hungry and wounded along with his entire family in Kerbala, Iraq in supreme sacrifice for God and humanity.
Time is very critical for the people of Haiti who have lost so much and are so very, very desperate for our help.  Please, please help, in the name of Imam Hussein (A) whose grief and helplessness we lament in anguish. Allah forbid, we may be in a similar situation one day?  We are all Allah’s creation, all of us and our duty to Allah calls for us to pitch in now.  Please donate or pledge now at comfortaid.org.
Allah bless.
4 new classrooms project at Sirsi, UP school complete:
CAI sponsored the building of 4 new classrooms at Bangram School at Sirsi, UP – India; few photos follow.  This will greatly relieve cramped space for students taught in corridors and enable the school to add grades 11 – 12.  Sirsi is a small town in Uttar Pradesh made up mostly of poor sadaat families.

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