January 30th, 2010

January 30th, 2010

January 30th, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
14 Years Accomplishments by CAI:
As CAI begins its 15th year of service to humanity, it is appropriate to reflect on its past accomplishments.  All these services would not be possible without blessings of Allah (S) and our Aaimas (A) and superb support of our BIG hearted donors.  Jazaak’Allah!!!


  1. A 50 girl’s orphanage constructed at Kargil, Indian Kashmir.
  2. A 30 boy’s orphanage constructed at Kolkota.
  3. A 140 boy’s orphanage constructed at Srinagar.
  4. A 50 boy’s orphanage constructed at Sirsi.
  5. Sponsorship of 30 girl orphans at Sakina Girls Home, Mumbai.
  6. Scholarships totaling USD500,000 for poor students, especially girls, pursue higher studies.
  7. Over 400 homes built for destitute families, especially widows.
  8. Over 140 marriages of poor girls.
  9. An average of 3,200 Ramadhan Iftaar packages distributed to poor and destitute families every year since 1996.
  10. 5 mosques built.
  11. A graveyard for over 1,000 purchased and processed for a poor community who were burying their dead in the wilderness.
  12. Medical aid in excess of USD230,000 for poor and destitute patients.
  13. 6 classrooms and laboratory constructed for school in Sirsi
  14. Laboratory constructed for school in Govendhi, Mumbai.
  15. Laboratory and library constructed for school in Kargil, Indian Kashmir.
  16. Economic empowerment for the poor, especially single women.
  17. Over 50 hand pumped / bored water well for the poor and destitute.
  18. A school constructed at Yal, Indian Kashmir.
  19. A school constructed at Uri, Kashmir.

Future proposed/planned projects

  1. Proposed girls orphanage in Lucknow, UP.
  2. Proposed boys orphanage in Patna, Bihar.
  3. Proposed high school and college in Sirsi.


  1. A 140 boy’s home constructed at Heraat.
  2. Water project to supply pure drinking water to 30,000 plus displaced refugees costing USD320,000 completed.
  3. 122 homes built for widows and orphans whose lives were devastated by Talibaan massacres.
  4. Food aid of over USD600,000 to an entire district outside Mazaar Sheriff where starvation was claiming lives.
  5. Over 50 water hand pumps in Daste Barchi, Kabul.
  6. A water distribution system for farmers installed at Sacheck enabling irrigation and productive farming.
  7. 5 deep water wells in drought and water deprived areas around Mazaar Sheriff, each at a cost of USD20,000. These not only solved drinking problems but irrigated parched lands and made farming possible again.
  8. An average of 2300 Ramadhan Iftaar packages distributed to poor and destitute families every year since 2005.
  9. 12 mosques built.
  10. 5 schools constructed in Ghazni province where there were none before.
  11. An Elementary and High School for 4,100 children under construction at Daste Barchi – project cost USD950,000.
  12. A medical clinic staffed with a professional doctor at Sacheck for 9,500 villagers who have known no previous medical attention.
  13. Economic empowerment for poor widows, (sheep husbandry and carpet weaving) victims of Talibaan massacres.
  14. Over 500 marriages of poor couples.
  15. Over 500 animal sacrificed to feed the hungry and destitute.
  16. Over 14,000 life saving blankets distributed to remote and severe winter affected areas.

Future proposed/planned projects:

  1. Proposed girls orphanage in Kabul.
  2. Proposed elementary school in Heraat.
  3. Several water projects to alleviate catastrophic shortages.


  1. 3 water wells in drought stricken areas of Tanzania
  2. Food grains in famine areas of Niger, Sudan, and Northern Kenya.

And more, insha’Allah as we are given the opportunity to serve.

Haiti Earthquake Relief Update:
CAI has dispatched USD5,000 for Haiti victims of the earthquake through SHINE, a USA humanitarian agency that is distributing medicines and water in the name of Imam Hussein (A) without any administrative costs.  CAI will send more funds as and when more is collected.  Please consider helping this desperate situation if possible.

Zulfiqar Ali Naqvi:
Zulfiqar Ali Naqvi is a poor young man who got stuck in his career development due to lack of funding for college education.  Alhamd’Allah, CAI was able to help with a scholarship.  Zulfiqar recently graduated and was immediately hired by Neste India with enough compensation to lead a comfortable and honorable life.  More importantly, Zulfiqar will be able to be a resource for those seeking help as well.  Alhamd’Allah, one more success example for our donors effort.

Little Sakina Medical Update:
CAI is happy to advise success surgery for little Sakina who was born with Duck Feet Syndrome.  Her surgery was a success and Sakina will, insha’Allah, walk normally.  Her parents have requested I thank all donors who made the surgery possible.

Little SakinaLittle Sakina

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