March 16th, 2010

March 16th, 2010

March 16th, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Off to Afghanistan:
I will, insha’Allah be in Afghanistan when you receive this email; please pay for my safe return.  I am there for one final inspection of Imam Hussein (A) School that insha’Allah opens in May this year.  As earlier advised, our team is in place for this great event and I request your duas for a smooth and hassle free (if such a thing exists in Afghanistan!) debut of this important mission for CAI and her donors.

Curiously, some very serious opposition to this project has suddenly cropped up from a minuscule minority within our community.  I have covered this (mosquito bite like) irritant in my blog; click here if you care to read it.
Poor Students in Kenya get Education Assistance:
Alhamd’Allah, CAI was able to help 5 poor momeena pursue their educational requirements.  This endeavor, our first in Africa, is through BMMK ; I pray we can help many more in this field, the best liberation out of poverty I know of.  Click here for details. (Requires PDF Reader)
School in Yall, Indian Kashmir – An Update:
Alhamd’Allah, our elementary school at Yall, in Indian Kashmir is almost complete.  Yall, an improvised village nestled within mountainous area of Kashmir, desperately required a small school for her young and our ever ready donor responded.  The school will insha’Allah open in June and will be there for the opening insha’Allah.  Here are few photos.Yal School, Indian KashmirYal School, Indian KashmirYal School, Indain KashmirYal School, Indian Kashmir

Appeal for Nagran housing:
Nagram is a village about 320 miles from Hyderabaad, AP.  This village was devastated by floods last year and many families were uprooted and ruined.  Salvation has come in form of land grants and USD555 cash from AP government to build the homes.  This grant will only be paid if recipients begin initial construction on the homes.  These families are terribly poor, as you can see from these photos of current homes.  CAI has identified 13 most eligible families that require INR50,000 (USD1,200) per home to construct a very modest 95 sq. yd. home.  Total cost to rehabilitate these 13 families is about USD15,600.  Imagine, only USD1,200 to restore a home for an entire family.  Please sponsor a home and get goodwill and dua’ s of those who have been through much agony and have lost so much.


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