May 25th, 2012

May 25th, 2012

May 25th, 2012 150 150 Comfort Aid International
CAI will insha’Allah, our 17th year, distribute monthly iftaar rations to the poor and destitute, enabling these families to eat a healthy meal this Ramadhan. We have an ambitious schedule, feeding 7,000 families (about 42,000 individuals) in Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Haiti with a budget of US$171,000; this averages out to US$4.10 per person per month.
Please donate or pledge to feed a person, a family or several families now so we can commence this noble exercise in relative confort.  Our aim is to have distributed all packages before the blessed month starts, to some communities that are in the remotest parts of the world, especially Afghanistan.
The breakdown of families per country is:
  • Afghanistan – 3,200
  • Bangladesh – 250
  • India – 3,000
  • Haiti – 250
  • Sri lanka – 300
The rations will be made up of wheat flour, cooking oil, tea (Afghanistan) / beans, rice, sugar (Haiti), rice, sugar, cooking oil, daal pulses, tea (the rest).
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Afghanistan Belkaab School In Session
CAI donors paid US$95,000 to construct this school for children whose school roof before was the sky and desks was outside dirt.  These poor children now study in relative comfort of warmth and security in this 7 + 2 room facility. Thank you donors!
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Machipatnam Toilet Project Completes
CAI donors helped construct toilet facilities for 23 very poor families in and around Machipatnam, AP – India.  These families used outside fields for privy, creating an unhealthyenvironment and humiliation for their womenfolk / teenage girls.  This 10/90% cost sharing partnership with beneficiaries is now complete.  Thank you donors!

Dubai Seniors Citizens Group
CAI acknowledges the ever-ready, generous Seniors Citizens Group in Dubai that has supported various CAI projects – Jazaak’Allah kheir.  May Allah (S) bless and reward your eagerness and generosity in this and after lives.  Your sacrifices has enabled CAI to make a significant difference to the poor and destitute around the world.

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