August 19th, 2010

August 19th, 2010

August 19th, 2010 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Floods in Pakistan and Leh, India – A Catasrophe:
In Pakistan, CAI is working with Husseini Foundation of Pakistan help with this terrible calamity and have advanced USD23,000 for purchase of food and other emergency supplies.  I am currently in Leh, Indian Kasmir and will report on aid efforts shortly.  Please lend a hand if you can as the situation is very desperate.  I will, insha’Allah, be in Islamabad (visa in process) next week to assess situation and plan strategy for next move towards possible long term assistance.

Some photos of relief efforts already under way by Husseini Foundation.

Pakistan relief effort Pakistan relief effort
Pakistan relief effort Pakistan relief effort
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CAI 16th Annual Ramadhan Iftaar Appeal:
“Indeed those who recite the Book of Allah and maintain the prayer and spend out of what We have provided them, secretly and openly, expecting a commerce that will never go bankrupt”.

Sadly, we have almost lost hope reaching our goal, seriously thinking of reducing the amount of food to distribute or cutting back on number of people we can help for the remainder of this holy month.  Please help if you can.
Ramadhan 2010 Iftaar Donation Status

Appeal for Blankets for Coming Winter:
CAI tries to provide warmth to the homeless and destitute in Afghanistan every winter.  Afghan winters are usually very extreme and death through exposure among the young and feeble is not uncommon.  We try to help communities that are very remote, where help does not usually reach and we help those that we could not in prior years.  A USD16 investment from you will provide a nice, thick, warm, life saving blanket for 2.  We are trying to reach about 3,200 families this year, insha’Allah so we look to raise USD51,200 before September.  The earlier we purchase them, the cheaper the cost, lead time and logistics for the blankets to make it from China before winter begins in earnest November.
CAI therefore looks to all of us to invest in this very worthy and life saving investment for those that are most vulnerable and destitute.  Please invest in a blanket or two or more; the returns will be invaluable.

You Make a Difference!
A.  Economic empowerment:

Syed Hassan Abbas works as a driver earning INR2,000 (USD43) per month, has 10 mouths to feed, including aged parents.  CAI loaned him USD550 to purchase a water buffalo and his wife takes care of her. The buff gives 12 liters of milk per day which she sells in the market. So successful is the business, Hassan paid off the loan 2 months in advance and wants to purchase 2 more buffs and wants a loan of USD1,100 to be paid off in 12 installments; this will probably be approved.  From being a poor driver who was struggling to put food on the table, Hassan proudly sends off his children to school and pays the fees himself.  YOU, the donors have made a difference!  Meet Mr and Mrs. Abbas and their buff:
Mr and Mrs. Abbas and their buff

B.  Education empowerment:

Meet Nooreen Faridi, a 19 year old from a poor family living in Sirsi.  Nooreen’s parents could not send her to school due to poverty. Fortunately, she qualified for a scholarship through generous donors of CAI and look at her now; some 12 years later.  Nooreen works as a teacher in the same school she studied earning money that supports others in her family study.  She has graduated CBSC and is currently studying towards BCOM. Had it not been for the scholarship, the only other choice for Nooreen was an early marriage and repeat of cycle of poverty.  YOU, the donors have made a difference!


Nooreen Faridi

Nagram Houses, Progress Report:
S-1 Kaneez e Fatima W/o Baquer Hussain S-2 Kaneez e Zehra W/o Sakeer Ali S-3 Meher Rabab W/o Sdar Tehrani
Logo Image Nagram Housing Nagram Housing
S-5 Kaneez e Fatima W/o Nazeer Hussain S-7 Amirunissa W/o Late Ali Hussain S-8 Abbasi Begum W/o Late Basheeruddin
Nagram Housing Nagram Housing Nagram Housing
S-11 Owais Ali S-12 Mumtaz Begum W/o Mohammed Babji (Fitting of Doors and Windows) S-13 Gulzar Begum W/o Gulam Hussain
Nagram Housing Nagram Housing Nagram Housing
S-15 Sabitunissa (Fitting of Doors and Window) S-16 Kausair Hussain S-14 Bibijan W/o Muzawar Sarwar
Nagram Housing Nagram Housing Nagram Housing

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