Baby Sultana’s Eyes – The Aftermath

Baby Sultana’s Eyes – The Aftermath

Baby Sultana’s Eyes – The Aftermath 150 150 Comfort Aid International

I seem to have kicked up a Minnesota style blizzard regarding my latest Blog – Baby Sultana’s Eyes. Some people, mostly ‘family members’ imply, no, accuse me of fabricating a fairy tale, ha! Some say I used ‘unpalatable’ words like prostitute and brothel while others opine my description of (possible) Sultana’s beauty excessively vivid. A lot more (enlightened and selective perhaps?) readers emailed compliments for a blog par excellence, not only for my writing style alhamd’Allah, but also, more importantly, portraying stark realities of life, especially concerning women of India. Regarding Baby Sultana’s Eyes, strangely, the critics overlook my core message; a pitiable, seemingly impossible life saved, liberated, a lost soul returned to Lord’s worship, a budding life salvaged.

The story of Baby Sultana is absolute fact, like all subjects I cover in my Blogs; for imaginative inventions, I (try to) write fiction. Yes, I use vivid descriptions, only because the reader can image and taste events as experienced. If Zulaikha was a prostitute, what else can I write, she was not one? If she worked in a brothel, well, that is fact. If I found her face kind of familiar and exceedingly beautiful, it would be very silly and peculiar to describe her ordinary or otherwise, yes?

Now, I can choose to stay quiet and keep such memories and experiences to myself or write about mundane issues that ‘censor’ realities and this, perhaps, would make everybody happily hunky-dory. Alas, this is not my cup of tea, not my preferred nature. I write, and will continue writing insha’Allah, any and all subjects I believe makes life interesting, especially about people that have made an important impact, positive or otherwise, to my life. Just like my trip reports, I cover all (three) sides of a coin, the good, the bad and evil; of countries and mankind. This motivates, I believe, how we (can) play our part, however little or much.

I sincerely request all you who find my blogs unsavory to please use the “DELETE” button – liberally; I will most certainly be offended, not! Just spare me grief and (especially) do not question my right (or style) to write. Poa basi.


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