CAI Newsletter – December, 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – December, 2016 – A

CAI Newsletter – December, 2016 – A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Milk For The Children Of Yemen – An Update:

CAI, in partnership with BETA Charitable Trust of UK and distributed / implemented by WABIL of the UK, has completed the distribution of powder milk to the profoundly affected children of Yemen. Alhamd’Allah, US$66,000 worth of highly fortified powder milk has been delivered and is being distributed, an invaluable help to the severe malnutrition crises in children of this war-torn country. Sharing new photos:


The following villages have received the milk power in the first batch:

A. Bani Khoshaiber – 450 families.
B. Alma’asillah village – 357 families.
C. Upper Garahi – 220 families.
D. Middle Garahi – 295 families.
E. Refugees from Nihm district – 100 families.
F. Bani Matar – 100 families.
G. Refugees from Taiz city – 190 families.

Please help if you can, by donation to BETA here or CAI here. Let us bring some joy, however fleeting, to the innocent children and their mothers. 

Food Aid To The Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh:

CAI will attempt to aid the fleeing, starving and persecuted people of Rohingya, escaping the violence in Myanmar. CAI is attempting to provide rice distribution of US$50,000 in the border areas in Chittagong, Bangladesh, a drop in the ocean considering the scope of crises but priceless, nevertheless. The project has commenced with procurement and logistics. US$30,000 have been pledged so we need to raise the balance insha’Allah. CAI boots will be on the ground December 16 – 18 to supervise distribution insha’Allah. Please help if possible by donating to Aid For Refugee at Allah bless.

Transporting Medicines For Syria War Victims:

Partnering with Global Medics based in Ontario, Canada, CAI donors have assisted in air freighting C$500,000 worth of medication to Syrians affected by the war. These medications will be land-transported from Turkey to the victims in the border areas and distributed shortly insha’Allah. Here are some photos of the medicines being packed for air-transport with a CAI representative present.



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