CAI Newsletter | February 2024 | C

CAI Newsletter | February 2024 | C

CAI Newsletter | February 2024 | C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2024 Ramadhan Food Aid

Comfort Aid International and its ground partners are gearing up to supplement iftar to the most vulnerable during the blessed month of Ramadhan. It will be CAI’s 27th year for this essential project. About 18,500 families (approximately 95,000 individuals), some in the most remote parts, will benefit from a food basket (~$50/basket) to supplement their iftar.

Distribution of food baskets will take place in the following 22 countries:

Afghanistan • Bangladesh (Rohingyas) • Benin • Burkina Faso • Chad • India • Iraq • Kenya • Liberia • Lebanon • Madagascar • Mali • Nepal • Niger • Pakistan • Senegal •Somalia • Sri Lanka • Syria • Tanzania • Togo • Yemen

Your timely contributions will be critical for us to plan for logistics. Please donate or pledge now.

Blessings for your support and generosity!

Girls Sponsorship for Education | Pakistan

Ali Yusufali and Sohail Abdullah visit some of the 141 secondary and higher education students CAI donors support in rural areas of Pakistan. These girls come from financially strapped families who face immense cultural pressures to educate their daughters. Meeting them personally and hearing their zeal to acquire what should be a fundamental right is heartening. CAI plans on sponsoring many more girls in such remote areas of Pakistan

The picture below shows the 29 secondary school girls CAI sponsors in Kardala, Muzaffarabad, AJK.

CAI Equips Maternity Ward | Pakistan

With Pakistan’s high maternal and child mortality rates, compounded with poor healthcare facilities and services, CAI is pleased to sponsor equipment for the maternity ward at Al Kauthar Hospital, a JBHT project north of Islamabad. This facility will provide top-tier healthcare services to underserved and marginalized patients along the northern corridor of Pakistan, from as far west as its border with Afghanistan to the remote parts of Baltistan, a critical life-saving option for mothers to deliver safely instead of rushing to the center of Islamabad for urgent medical care.

• Ob/Gyn Ward with 10 beds

• Special delivery beds 2 + 7 baby warmers

• Monitors 30

• General beds 30

• Electric recovery beds 4

• Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 4 beds and incubators

• Neonatal Nursery with 4 beds and baby warmers

• Obstetrical Emergency with 3 beds

• Pediatric Ward with 6 beds + 2 baby warmers

• Recovery Room with 4 beds + 2 baby warmers

The pictures below show a rendering of the completed version scheduled to open in the summer of 2024 and Ali Yusufali and Sohail Abdullah’s visit to tour the facility under construction.


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