CAI Newsletter | March 2024 | A

CAI Newsletter | March 2024 | A

CAI Newsletter | March 2024 | A 150 150 Comfort Aid International

2024 Ramadhan Food Aid

Comfort Aid International thanks its supporters who contributed so generously to help us distribute over 18,500 food aid packages in 24 countries. We added Zimbabwe, the Philippines, and additional communities in Pakistan to the initial 22 countries as CAI collected surplus funds.

The impact of this food aid on these families in the blessed month of Ramadhan is invaluable. And for that, they send sincere blessings and gratitude for your generosity and support.

Distribution of food baskets took place in the following 24 countries:

Afghanistan • Bangladesh (Rohingyas) • Benin • Burkina Faso • Chad • India • Iraq • Kenya • Liberia • Lebanon • Madagascar • Mali • Nepal • Niger • Pakistan • Phillippines •Senegal • Somalia • Sri Lanka • Syria • Tanzania • Togo • Yemen • Zimbabwe


To successfully distribute zakat-al-fitr on a timely basis to the underprivileged in remote areas, we request you to contribute now so that our partners on the ground can fulfill the obligatory responsibility on behalf of our donors. Please contribute your zakat to Comfort Aid International as a loan and switch your intent to zakat-al-fitr obligation before Eid prayers.

Recommended rate for 2024: $12 per person

CAI Orphans in Damascus

200 internally displaced orphans residing on the outskirts of Damascus, supported by CAI donors, are flourishing at Al-Ghadeer School for Orphans by being nestled in a vibrant academic environment, partaking in an after-school meal plan, and being assisted with tuition classes for those in need.

Their smiles in the pictures below speak a thousand words.


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