CAI Newsletter – September 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – September 2017 – B

CAI Newsletter – September 2017 – B 150 150 Comfort Aid International

Helping The Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh:

As you may have already heard, the poor Rohingyas in Burma, Myanmar, again, are being persecuted, their homes burnt, men killed, women raped and children butchered. CAI donors stepped in with food and shelter relief a few months ago. This relief, although useful and necessary, however, is transient and not sustainable. CAI wants to help with the medical and educational needs of the orphaned and destitute children who end up in squalor at refugee camps in Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh. CAI Trustees will be traveling to Cox Bazaar Bangladesh later this month to set up such a facility shortly insha’Allah. 

The initial budget is US$50k but will expand as we improve and take on more children. This is a better and more beneficial long term alternative to the misery and helplessness of the children who end up in the camp. The plan is to provide the children with a large cup of nutritious porridge every morning, ensure they are medically okay, including immunizations and educate them with basic grammar, math, Quraan and also some hygiene and survival skills.

Please help if possible. Allah bless.

CAI’s 35th Global School Becomes Reality:

The foundation stone for this school in Halwaan in Uttar Pradesh, India has been laid and about 600 poor children, especially girls, who are unschooled will get an opportunity for a quality education soon insha’Allah. Sharing photos. Please read all about this project here.


CAI Trustees Visit Nakuru For Water Well / Food Program:

Murtaza Bhimani, CAI’s Africa representative and Ali Yusufali, CEO visited Nakuru, Kenya to initiate water well and food aid program. A minimum of six water wells and a food distribution project for destitute people is in the cards insha’Allah. Sharing a few photos:


2017 Eid al Adhaa Qurbaani Project:
95 animals were sacrificed on the day of Eid and the meat and skin distributed to the poor in Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, and Yemen. Sharing few photos:


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