October 12th, 2013

October 12th, 2013

October 12th, 2013 150 150 Comfort Aid International
Live Saving Blankets / Heating Coal

Save a life – donate a warm blanket and heating coals. Targeting 3,000 families all across Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

Let Us Gift Mohammed His Arms
Mohammed Ali Jaffer met with terrible tragedy when he was 12 years old; he has now lost both arms. There is very little he can do now at age 22 except beg. But we can restore his arms by latest technology in prosthetic limbs. He has a job offer that will give him a modest salary if he gets the arms but can do much more after initial adjustment period with the new ones insha’Allah. The total cost is US$10,000; will you please help? Whatever you can please; together, we’ll give him his arms back and an opportunity for a new beginning insha’Allah.

Here is Mohammed:

Little Muskaan Completes 1st Surgery
Our Little Muskaan from Sakeena Girls Home at Sirsi, India completed her first surgery to stop total blindness. She has slight improvement in the eye but long term prospects still remain dicey. Please continue praying for her; there is magic in prayers.
Here she is:

SOS – Adoption Request
There is a 4 year old little Afghani girl that the Red Cross has brought over from Afghanistan after an explosion that killed her entire family and left her blind and with a prosthetic arm. She is currently in a Maryland Hospital. We have a 4 week window to place her in a Muslim home or else she will be given away to a random American family.
If you can offer help or know of someone that is interested in adopting a beautiful creature of Allah (S), please contact:

Houston Fundraiser Tops $50k For 16th Afghanistan School
Alhamd’Allah, Houston, TX shone again with generosity and compassion with a fundraiser on September 29 raising over US$50,000 for CAI 16th elementary school to be constructed in Waraas, Bamiyan Province Afghanistan. May Allah (S) bless and elevate the status of Sister Zehra Ahmad and her entire team for putting this super event together. Thanks to all – the donated venue and catering companies who provided wonderful lunch. And jazaak’Allah kheyr to all the donors for your selfless sacrifices; may Allah bless and reward you all amply, in this and after worlds.

We are almost fully funded for this project, a small balance of about $12,800 remain to see us through insha’Allah.

Sharing few photos of event.


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