SOS – Myanmar (Burma)

SOS – Myanmar (Burma)

SOS – Myanmar (Burma) 150 150 Comfort Aid International

As I have maintained
throughout, in my role at CAI – take one step towards the cause of Allah (S),
HE takes ten towards you; guaranteed. All last week I am in tummy knots; will
my attempts to help the Rohingya victims in Myanmar be successful, will I
accomplish my mission? After several frustrating attempts, I land today in
Yangon, Myanmar and am happy to report my prayers have been more than answered!
My first task, that of
starting construction of first ever mosque / hawza in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a
winner; in Singapore, I meet up with key people who will supervise actual
construction of Cambodia project and it is all clear to begin immediately after
Ramadhan insha’Allah. More importantly, I am successful in bringing some relief
to the suffering Rohingya community of Myanmar (Burma), insha’Allah.
Keeping local politics
aside, for there are some ugly realities we have to accept, this Rohingya community
is in terrible agony and need our support. They are humans; and Muslims, who
have gone through terrible times and now languish in no-man’s land, stripped of
so little they possessed and now their dignity as well. I will insha’Allah
cover all details of complex and revealing issues in my next Blog, coming up
There are people on the ground
in Myanmar, good people, Allah fearing people who have banded together to assist
in our relief mission in a transparent and accountable manner. CAI is
spearheading a relief convoy for these victims, very soon insha’Allah. Each
deserving family will receive the following:
A mosquito net.
Water purifying pills.
Hygiene essentials  – soap etc.
Dry food items – daal, rice,
sugar, tea.
Cooking oil.
These supplies will last a
family about 4 – six weeks insha’Allah. CAI will support 770 families at US$32 per
family; we need to raise US$25,000 for this project. All this efforts are undertaken
legally, with approval from Myanmar government, admin cost free and believe you
me, it is a lot of work.
CAI appeals to all of you,
please help if you can. Allah forbid, if we were to ever be in a similar
situation, it would be good to know other people care. Please donate or pledge
whatever you can at
I am cognizant we have just completed our Ramadhan Iftaar drive; all we can do
is try to help with whatever we can spare.
May Allah (S), in His mercy
and wisdom, give some peace to these hapless people who are innocent and in
desperate need of our assistance.
Allah bless.

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