CAI Newsletter – Oct. 2020 – C

CAI Newsletter – Oct. 2020 – C

CAI Newsletter – Oct. 2020 – C 150 150 Comfort Aid International

CAI Opens 50th Global School

When Comfort Aid International began the construction of donor schools in the poorest and remotest parts of the world, I prayed really hard to Allah to let us complete at least 25 before I died. Allah smiled and said no way! I will make it at least 50, Yusufali!

Please join CAI in giving thanks and celebrating our 50th donor-sponsored school that just completed and opened the doors to about 500 poor children who did not have a formal place of education. This school, Sayed Asadullah Masror school in Mazar-e-Shareef in Afghanistan caters almost exclusively to children of internally displaced refugees made homeless by violence in their ancestral homes.

On this very happy day as we achieve this milestone, I thank every donor and well-wisher who has contributed, either monetarily, or through service or with prayers, for this seemingly impossible feat to be made possible. It was sometimes hard to imagine CAI could do it but for Allah, it is always kun faya kun (“be, and it is”).

50 schools, providing quality education to about 25,000 on any given day want to make me weep in humility. Here is an opportunity for these hapless children to become quality, productive humans, steadfast in faith, promoters of tolerance, given a chance to better themselves and their progeny.

May Allah bless you all and accept your sacrifices.



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