CAI Newsletter – August 2015 – B

CAI Newsletter – August 2015 – B 150 150 ComfortAid International

2015 Eid Hajj Qurbaani Project CAI will, as usual, offer Qurbaani services for 2015 in Afghanistan, India and Africa. All meat and skin will be distributed to the poor and…

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CAI Newsletter – July 2015A

CAI Newsletter – July 2015A 150 150 ComfortAid International

Zakaat ul Fitra: CAI will, as in prior eighteen years, distribute your Zakaat ul Fitra to the poor and destitute in Afghanistan, Africa and India. We recommend US$12 per person for…

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CAI Newsletter – Jun 2015B

CAI Newsletter – Jun 2015B 150 150 ComfortAid International

2015 Ramadhan Iftaar Collection Update: CAI was, unfortunately, unable to raise the total funds needed to aid all the poor and destitute for this current  years planned project. There is…

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CAI Newsletter – May 2015B

CAI Newsletter – May 2015B 150 150 ComfortAid International

Ramadhan Iftaar Fund Update: We are fast approaching the holy month and still in serious deficit. This project of helping poor families with an iftaar pack spans 14 countries worldwide and…

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